Mint infused water

Mint Infused Water

I previously wrote a post on Myanmar’s famous Rangoon Tea House. Now, you must probably be wondering what this has got to do with today’s Mint Infused Water recipe. Well, you know how restaurants usually serve cold water on the side? This was it. Except, it’s anything but plain O’ cold water.

When they brought the glasses of water around, I was gladly surprised at the minty lime taste, it was a cup of fresh “air” I needed in the heat. I eventually got round to asking the waitress (using a mixture of broken English and sign language) what was in the water. She kindly brought the whole jug of water to show me as I quickly noted down the ingredients. I think mint and lime is a pretty common combination but I never really figured putting cucumber in. That’s probably because I was never an infused-water kind of person.

Nonetheless, if you’re not a plain water person and craving for something more, make this mint-infused water instead of grabbing a sweet drink.


Recipe: Mint Infused Water

Serves As Many As You Want Prep Time: 5 Mins Soak Time: 4 Hrs Total Time: 5 Mins

mint infused water


¼ cucumber
¼ cup mint leaves
1 lime
1 litre of cold water



  1. Add all the ingredients into a pitcher and add water to the brim
  2. Let the water get infused by the ingredients in the fridge for about 4 hours
  3. Pour yourself a glass first before letting others have it, just because you can!

mint infused water


Nutrition Facts

Seriously, totally negligible.
You would be better off drinking this than any other kind of sweet drinks.



  • It’s good for a hot day and best of all, it has detoxing capabilities. (how effective? I will never know)
  • The amount of ingredients is really up to you depending on how strong you like your water. I prefer it lighter so you can always double up the ingredients.

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