This is Kiki, your typical college/university student who has nothing but time on her hand when she isn’t rushing to meet deadlines or working her ass off at some part-time job. Yup, I don’t actually have that much time. However, even in the midst of this hectic life, I somehow find time to squeeze in some sort of crocheting, origami, nail-painting…basically whatever I am interested in. And of course I have to eat, so i cook whenever I can. Which girl doesn’t love sweets, so I also bake whenever I need to satisfy my sweet cravings.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I am essentially a Jack of all trades, but master of none. I have so many hobbies, I need a shelving system to categorize the different tools and materials for each hobby. Hobbies can be expensive, so the hobby i spend the most time on is cooking. It feels like a more useful hobby if my survival actually depends on it.  

Through my food recipes, you might have noticed, I am one of those people who have also hopped on the health bandwagon. Weight loss used to be my (would be good to achieve) kind-of-goal, though i have not achieve a hot-bod, I have reached a status where I am satisfied with my average size. Before anyone can ask me to define average (because we know there are many who are skinny but do not consider themselves skinny), I mean average like the middle of the acceptable BMI range. That doesn’t mean I start recklessly eating whatever I want. Now that I have reached my acceptable size, health becomes more a priority and a means to maintain my current size. (i don’t say weight because weight don’t always mean much when you’ve reached a certain state) That is why, cooking is a pretty important part of my daily creations. Not to mention, because I can’t avoid cakes, I might as well bake my own so at least i know exactly what I am eating. I will be writing a post with my information regarding my views of health, weight-loss etc, so look out for that.

The name Sticky Notes Creations came from the fact that I make notes of my creations mostly on sticky notes. But we all know how sticky notes are not very sticky, so sometimes they go all over the place that I eventually lose them. This blog essentially serves as my “sticky notes” diary and at the same time, I get to share my (sometimes weird) ideas with the rest of the world. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!


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